Deborah Medeiros Staff Photo

Classroom Expectations 

In some ways, the Gifted classroom is a different animal than the regular education classroom.  We strive to create a classroom environment that supports and nurtures new and different ideas 

There are three rules for my class:

1. Respect others.  We strive to make our classroom is a place where students feel safe sharing their thinking and ideas.  Students are expected to leave and return from their regular education classes without disturbing classmates or disrupting on-going teaching.

2.  Respect self.  I expect students to remember their schedule, to bring materials (ALWAYS a pencil, sometimes specific resource material or supplies, depending on the activity, of course), and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE to class! When students are with me, they are potentially missing instruction in their regular classroom. They are responsible for finding out what the classroom teacher needs them to make up or to be reviewed. Students should not have to make up everything they missed while they were in gifted class.  Please contact me if make-up work or content missed becomes a problem.

3. Respect materials.  Students must use materials in a safe manner and when instructed to use them.