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Supply List 

Student Supply List  

*Please label the following items clearly with your child’s name.

·       Backpack

·       Full change of clothing including socks (please put name or initial on the tag)  

·       Deodorant (can be travel sized if preferred)

·       Snack and drink (daily)

·       Any items that you would prefer your child use that are not available at school (straws, cups, etc.)

·       Rest mat (optional if your child tends to nap during the day)

·       1 pair of over the ear headphones for computer lab

·       1 pair of student sized scissors (medium sized ones are best, their fingers are getting too big for small scissors)

·       Plastic pencil box any color

·       24 glue sticks (purple-dries clear) OR 6-10 jumbo glue sticks if your child uses these better.

·       2 boxes 24 pack Crayola crayons (or jumbo crayons if your child uses these better)

·       1 package Crayola Washable markers

·       1 box of pencils and extra erasers (either cap or hand held is fine)

·       1 subject spiral bound notebook for science journal (wide ruled)

·       1 package of Crayola colored pencils (or twist up colored pencils)

·       1  Five Star® 2 Pocket Stay-Put Folders any color (available at Target)

·       1 red plastic 2 pocket folder

·       1 container each of Lysol wipes, soft tissues, and baby wipes (not necessary to label with name as they will be used as needed)


*note: If you feel your child will lose or break their supplies more often you may send extra.