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Parents and Guardians,
We are changing the way we do newsletters.  All newsletter information will be posted on our new website,
Please check this regularly as we will post relevant information, forms, and announcements.  We have a calendar on the announcement page that you can quickly reference for tests and other class happenings, but please see the individual teacher pages for more information about those tests, etc.  
​The website link is added to my signature (below) if you ever forget where it is, and we will have the link posted on our teacher websites found on the CES website.
We look forward to being able to better communicate with you through this site.  As always, we are always here to answer any questions you may have - just shoot us an email!​

Geography Bee  

Calling all 4th,5th, and 6th grade geography fans!


  1. The Preliminary Round will be held Monday, Dec. 4th in the library.  Students wishing to participate will be called by grade level to take a paper and pencil test that morning.

  2. Finalists from the Dec. 4th round will advance to the CES School Final Round which will be held the afternoon of Thursday, December 14th in the library.  

  3. The school winner will represent CES in the preliminary round of the state competition held at the end of January.  This round will be administered online in Mrs. Medeiros’s room.

For practice quizzes and other study tool information, go to

Newsletter 11-30  



Reading- Unit 2 week 4-Test 




Genre- Expository Text
Comprehension Strategy- Summarize
Comprehension Skill- Main Idea and Key Details
Vocabulary Strategy- Prefixes

Grammar- Possessive Nouns- Quiz 

Monday 11/6

Spelling- Unit 2 week 4 Test Friday 11/3
Class Spelling Bees will be held on November 7.

Please have your child reading 20 minutes EVERY DAY!!  This will increase fluency, vocabulary and comprehension! 

We will continue Topic 6: Developing Fluency: Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers. Our Topic 6 test will be next week.

Friday, November 3rd will be our FIRST graded facts quiz for the 9 weeks. We will add division facts to our facts quiz towards the middle of this 9 weeks, so please start studying those basic division facts.
We are studying rock patterns this next week and a half. and Google Classroom are good resource if you would like to prepare for the test that will be on Wednesday, November 8.  The test will be open notebook.
Alabama History:
We are studying the American Revolution with our Week 5 newspaper this week and next.  Test will be on Wednesday, November 8th.  ​The test will be open newspaper.

  • Field trip forms and fees for Montgomery are due this Friday, November 3.
  • Half day of school on 11/9; no school on 11/10 in observance of Veteran's Day. 
  • PTA Meeting with Veteran's Program on 11/13
  • Thanksgiving Holiday, 11/​22-11/24; no school


We need to stress how critical the situation currently is because as of yesterday, our volunteer signup was ONLY 50% filled. 

Even if it does rain, we will STILL have the Fall Festival – we will just move everything INSIDE.  We NEED volunteers to make this a successful fundraiser for our school so we are DESPERATE for people to sign up to help one or more shifts.


Thank you in advance!!


newsletter 10/23-10/27  

We will continue Topic 5: Number Sense: Multiplying  by 1-digit Numbers. Our Topic 5 test will be on Thursday, October 26th.
We will have our second facts fluency quiz this week; this is practice only. Friday, November 3rd will be our FIRST graded facts quiz for the 9 weeks. We will add division facts to our facts quiz towards the middle of this 9 weeks, so please start studying those basic division facts.


 All students know their AR goals.  They are the same as last nine weeks, since we do not take another STAR reading test until December.  I am working on some rewards for students who meet their goals of 100%, 200%, etc.  I've had the students give me input on what they would like! 

 Reading- We will test Unit 2 week 3 Friday 10/27
 Genre- Narrative Nonfiction
 Comprehension Strategy- Summarize
 Comprehension Skill- Main Idea and key Details
 Vocabulary Strategy- Context Clues

 Spelling- We will test on Unit 2 week 3 Friday 10/27

 Grammar- Irregular Plural Nouns- Quiz Thursday 10/26

 On Friday, we sent home a spelling list for the Spelling Bee.  We will hold a fourth grade Spelling Bee and determine a class winner for each class.  The winner for each class will move on to the school Spelling Bee.  I will send home the date for our class Spelling Bee soon!  Start studying!!!    

​Test on Patterns on Earth's Surface will be on Friday, October 27th. and Google Classroom are available for studying.  Login information is in your child's #importantfolder on an orange sheet.
Alabama History:
Week 4 - Early Explorers, test on Tuesday, October 31. ​


  • Class t-shirt money due October 27th ($6 + tshirt size)
  • ​Montgomery Field Trip forms and money due November 3.  Second form must be notarized.  Contact your teacher if you're interested in chaperoning!​
  • Fall Festival - October 28th
  • Red Ribbon Week this week!  
    Tuesday, October 24th: Don't forget to wear red. We are wearing red because we choose to be drug free!
    ​                                                                                                    ​
    Wednesday, October 25th: Our future is too bright for drugs! Wear neon to school. We choose to be drug free!
    ​                                                                                                    ​
    Thursday, October 26th: Columbia Elementary socks it to drugs! Wear silly socks to school. And remember to be drug free!

Newsletter 10/16-10/20  
English Language Arts:
Remember to read 20 minutes EVERY day!!!!  
New AR goals will be coming home by Friday!  Your child has 9 weeks to reach this goal.  With the reading time we have at school and the 20 minutes for homework each night, they should have no problem reaching their goal and exceeding it!!!  :)
ELA - Unit 2 Week 2 Test Friday 10/20
Genre- Drama
Comprehension Strategy- Ask and Answer Questions
Comprehension Skill- Theme
Vocabulary Skill- Antonyms
Grammar- Singular/Plural Nouns quiz Thursday, 10/19
Spelling- unit 2 week 2 test is Friday, 10/20
Practice skills on IXL
 We will begin Topic 5-Number Sense: Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers. Topic 5 test will be next week.

 Students will have facts quiz 1 on Friday. This is practice only.
​Social Studies:
We are finishing our counties project this week.  We will work on it for thirty minutes each day, Monday through Wednesday.  The project is due Thursday and will be presented in class.  Students have been instructed to work on their projects at home if they feel they cannot complete it in the 1.5 hours devoted to it in class this week.  Please followup with your student about this project.
​This week we are studying the patterns of the earth's surface (think plate tectonics, volcanoes, landforms, earthquakes, etc.).  We will have a test towards the end of next week.
The Leader in Me:
Our school will be learning leadership skills throughout the year using The Leader in Me Leadership Guide.   We believe all students have important strengths to share, and we will be learning about ways to develop and share those strengths.  Part of The Leader in Me involves learning about The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  There will be a section in each weekly newsletter briefly explaining what we are talking about in class with some questions you can ask and discuss with your child.  From time to time, your child will bring home assignments or questions about leadership.  You are encouraged to make best use of these opportunities and look for ways to apply the skills at home.  The greatest help will be for you to learn and model the leadership principles.  To learn more, visit www.theleaderinme,org.  We look forward to your encouragement and support!
  • Report cards go home Oct. 18th.
  • Montgomery field trip forms and money due November 3.  Please make sure the out-of-town form is notarized.  This can be done at most local banks.
  • Trail of Treats - Oct. 23th5:30-7:00 pm; we are accepting candy donations through Oct. 20th (Friday), and dinner order forms will be coming home tomorrow.
  • Fall Festival - October 28th
  • ​Red Ribbon Week : Tues, Oct.24th - celebrate Red Ribbon & being drug free - Wear red; Wed, Oct.25th - My future is too bright for drugs - Wear neon (bright colors); Also Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Day (wear Teal); Thurs, Oct.26th - Sock it to drugs - Wear crazy/silly socks
  • Nov. 9th - half day
  • Nov. 10th - no school in honor of Veteran's Day

Red Ribbon Week October 24-26  


Tues, Oct.24th - celebrate Red Ribbon & being drug free - Wear red
Wed, Oct.25th - My future is too bright for drugs - Wear neon (bright colors); Also Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Awareness Day (wear Teal)
Thurs, Oct.26th - Sock it to drugs - Wear crazy/silly socks


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