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Welcome to Second Grade 2017-18  

Welcome to CES Second Grade

Mrs. White & Mrs. Pinegar


Welcome everyone to Columbia!  We are so glad to have your children in our class this year.  We know we will have a wonderful year together.  Here are a few things we want you to know about our class.



Each day we have snack time immediately after we come back from PE at 8:30.  This is a working snack where we are finishing work or AR reading.  We ask that you only send water with your student’s as anything else tends to get of the floor and draws ants.  Please do not send Capri Sun’s or anything that has a sugar base.  We also ask that you send healthy snacks, as many children are sensitive to sugar.  We do have a child in our classroom this year that has sensitivities to peanuts; therefore, we ask that snacks not have peanut butter.


Assignments & Homework

Nightly reading and spelling are the only “homework” your child will have.  Nightly reading will be 15 minutes and should be documented on the students Reading Log.  We ask that parents sign the RL each night.  There will be a very short spelling activity each night.  This is also a sheet found in the student’s binder with directions for each night.  This will not take place until the second week of school.  We do not write this down in our planners.  This is simply an assumed task each night.


Graded Work and Progress Reports

Most graded work and progress reports will be sent home in the student’s front pocket of their binder.  Please check this binder nightly for notes and any correspondence from school.  Most importantly check the planner for any notes from the teacher.  A small initial on each day will suffice to let us know you have seen your child’s planner.  You may also use this to correspond with us.  Of course you may also use email, Seesaw (will share more with you soon about this), and phone. 


Scholastic News

The second grade teachers will be ordering Scholastic News and Science spin to use with social studies and science curriculum. We ask that you send in $8.00 in cash or check made payable to Tina White.  Please send this within the next few weeks.



You will receive a CES School Wide Positive Behavior Incentive sheet in your student’s binder.   Each child will begin the week with 10 tickets.  Each time we take a ticket it will be recorded in your child’s planner with a short explanation of what occurred in the classroom.  Even though students have 10 chances we will spend the first week letting them know what behavior would have constituted a ticket being pulled.  It is our goal to talk about things and begin shaping the child with our expectations.  Please, be certain that our goal is to help your child on their way to becoming an excellent third grader! 


Our Rules Are:

·      I will respect myself and others

·      I will respect all property

·      I will be cooperative.

·      I will be responsible

All discipline will be handled in the classroom on a daily basis with the cooperation of the teacher, student, and parent unless the behavior continues for an extended period of time or it is serious enough for office intervention. 


Students receive 10 tickets each Monday.  If students keep their final ticket they will earn Free Break Friday on Fridays!  Free Break Friday is an extra recess where students are allowed free play.  Students who attend all Fridays of the month will receive a FREE snack on the last Friday of the month.  Please see CES School Wide Positive Behavior Incentive located in your child’s planner for additional information.


Switching Classes

Each day student’s will change classes.  Mrs. Pinegar will teach Math and Science and Mrs. White will teach Reading/English Language Arts and Social Studies.  This is the purpose of each student having a binder and a pencil pouch that can be placed into the rings of their binder.  This way student’s can transport all of their belongings without a struggle.  Student’s will leave their book bag in their homeroom and will return to their homeroom before dismissal.  After a few weeks and once procedures are learned, we will begin to switch classes first thing in the am doing this on alternate weeks. This allows students who are better morning learners; to receive instruction when they are their freshest. 


Scholastic Book Orders

We will send home flyers every other week to order Scholastic Books.  You can do this online or send in the order to the classroom.  This helps our classroom to get points in order to be able to buy new books and replace old ones.  More to come about this…..:)


Accelerated Reader

We consider AR to be one of the most important parts of our curriculum in second grade.  AR promotes a love for reading as it is reading done on the student’s own reading level and allows the student to read the things they like to read.  Our goal is to instill this love of reading, so that reading is not seen as a chore.  We will place a sheet into your child’s binder that explains more about our incentives and expectations for AR.



Please send a dated and signed note when your child is absent.  Most of the time, we catch up on work in class; however, if your child is out for an extended period of time we will be glad to put together work for your child to complete at home.  There is always AR and IXL that can be completed at home. 



You may request a conference at any time.  We typically schedule conferences from 8-8:30 during our planning time each day.  We ask that you contact us through email or Seesaw if you wish to schedule one.



Each Monday we will send a class newsletter with an outline of what will be taking place in the classroom throughout the week.  Please check this weekly.  We will post this on Seesaw as well.  We really don’t use our website as much but will alert you if we place something there of significance.  We feel as though email and Seesaw limits the places that you have to search for things. J














New Incentives for AR  


100% Club - everybody gets their picture on my wall and on Social Media! The wall will form when we get our Fall pictures back. Teachers get stickers of each student.


200% Club - with 90% accuracy - Kindergarten Helper


300% Club- with 90% accuracy- Teacher for the Day


400% Club- with 90% accuracy- Library Aide for the Day


500% Club- with 90% accuracy-Assistant Principal for the Day


600% Club- with 90% accuracy- Ice Cream at Lunch


700% Club- with 90% accuracy - You Choose!