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Mrs.  Susan  Bunyard
Speech Language Pathologist
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I have a Bachelor's of Science in Education/Speech and Hearing Science from Baylor University in Waco, Texas and a Master's Degree in Communication Disorders from Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma. I have been nationally certified since 1981, after completion of a Certificate of Clinical Competency, equivalent to National Board Certification for General Educators.  I am licensed to practice in Alabama as well.  While employed with Madison City Schools, I have completed Alabama Reading Initiative(ARI) and ARI recertification.  Additionally, I have completed all coursework for Auditory Verbal Therapy and a mentorship under a full scholarship from the Alabama Ear Institute to allow me to provide services for students with hearing loss whose parents chose Auditory Verbal Therapy as the methodology of instruction. 



I have been a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) since 1979.  I have had the opportunity to work in many settings including private practice, home health care, acute care, hospital in-patient and outpatient services and the public school setting.  Work experience in these settings has molded my philosophy about how to practice my profession.  SLPs can work with individuals from the cradle to the grave.  At the hospital my job involved teaching premature infants (less than four pounds) to swallow so they could grow and go home sooner and in the acute setting I worked with the geriatric patients ( many who were older than seventy years) who had suffered strokes and had to learn to swallow and speak again.  The majority of my professional years have been spent in the public school setting working with preschool through high school age students.  I have been with Madison City Schools since it became an independent school system in 1998.



While I love teaching, my deepest affections are for my wonderful husband, amazing children and beautiful grandchildren.  My husband and I were married in 1979 and are the proud parents of three children, two daughters and a son.  Our children were educated in Madison City Schools. Two of our children are teachers, one teaches secondary English and the other teaches first grade. Clearly “teacher blood” runs strong in our family. While I am certified  to teach preschool through 12th grade, I love teaching in an elementary setting and would gladly work for hugs and "I love you" cards if I didn't need to save for retirement, anticipated in May of 2018.  When we aren't working, we enjoy time gardening, reading and spending timeat the lake with the family and our dogs.

Each day  matters, we are not promised tomorrow so I believe we should seize each day and make it count.  Children love to learn when we make it fun and when we show them how they can apply what they have learned.  It is a privilege to work with children and shape their  communication and thinking skills as they grow and mature.  Children remind us  that there is hope for the future and that honest humor is usually the best humor-they say some of the funniest things at school-sometimes about their families. Don't worry, I won't share your stories with anyone but you after your child has shared it with me!  I consider it a blessing to partner with you to improve your child's communication skills. I will work diligently to keep all communication lines open with you because I am convinced that you are a pivotal player in insuring that your child excel.