Thuan (Sage) Murine Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Language, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies


Certified in Art Education for grades K-12th

M.A. in English Literature

                         B.F.A. in Graphic Design 

                         B.A. in Elementary Education

                         TESOL certification


Minors: Child Development and French




I have been teaching since 2000.  My experience in General Education has allowed me to instruct with differentiation, which means that I can confidently reach students of different grade levels and learning styles.  I enjoy showing my students how to explore their creativity using different media.  I consider myself to be a visual linguist. My Graphic Design background is very important. I share with my students the ability to communicate successfully through the application of visual literacy. 

 The picture above, Maggie Bound's self-portrait in Roy Lichtenstein's style has been rewarded with a First Place Blue Ribbon sponsored by the Madison City Arts Council during their Madison City Street Festival in October of 2010.

Bulletin Board

The picture above is a bulletin board covered with visual concepts of the elements of arts (color wheel) and principles of design (rhythm, conrast, etc.) and posters of work by famous artists such as Seurat, Escher, Lichenstein, and Kandinsky inspired work.



I have a wonderful husband and three super sweet cats. This is a picture of my husband and I under the Eiffel Tower in the year of 2006.

The picture above shows my three cats sitting on the kitchen island (two looking into the camera and one closed his eyes). 

I love to travel as much as I love art.  I have been fortunate to have learned several languages (English, Chinese, French, and Vietnamese).  

The picture above shows my hand painted with a Mehndi design. I got this design from the Indian Festival in 2008 in Huntsville. 

Although I am privileged to have knowledge of these languages, Art has always been my main communication tool because I consider it to be a universal language.  My goal is to help my students at Columbia, Rainbow, and Madison  Elementary Schools appreciate Art as a form of communication.  


Learning Focuses

The picture above shows what I had written on the board for my 6th graders in 2013. My lesson objectives with learning targets for 6th grade students are clearly stated. They are to create illuminated letters to show their understanding of the elements of art and the principles of design.