Spring Art Show
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Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Art Displays

Spring Arts Show

Opens at 4:30 till 7:00 p.m. 

Thursday May 11, 2017

Bob Jones High School


Art displays from Madison City Elementary, Discovery Middle, and Bob Jones High in the Upper and Lower Commons

Madison City Elementary Honor Chorus 5:30 Auditorium

      Drum line and Winter Guard 6:30 Gym

Dear Friends,


Please join me in congratulating the students from the list below and forwarding the information to their parents!

Kindergarten: Carter M, Ellyn G, Abby C, Lanie F, Anna M, Anu S, and Zoey L


First Grade: Stephen S, Christopher R, Sydney H, Gracie P, Korbin E, Brooklyn C, Jason R, Kylie S, Carter H, Jewel D, and Adessa T

Second Grade: Micah C, Abby C, Carson H, Antonia W, Logan T, Jaime M, Marissa K, and Allison PThird Grade: Siri K, Addison M, Riley F, Darci K, Haylie H, Ronald W, Ben B, Isabelle P, and Penelope M

Fourth Grade: Allie O, Sally W, Mackenna S, Candace B, Justin R, Allison W, Joshua K, and Christina B


Fifth Grade: Emma S, Grace H, Anna B, Dylan L, Logan T, Katie S, and Kevin P


Sixth Grade: Ariana F, Zoey C, Jenna B, Nicholas M, Olivia A, Evie K, Anna J, and Gabbie R.


Thanks for your support!!

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