New Leaders Taking Shape in Madison City Schools Before the School Start
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Madison Ciy Board of Education approved another round of hires before the Aug. 1 school start.

Included in the list of teachers and support staff were an assistant principal for Discovery Middle School and some newly created principal in training positions called MAAPS (Madison Aspiring Administrators Program) at several schools. The MAAP hires are teachers that take on administrative duties at a school and receive a supplement. It's a way to groom future school leaders from within.
Jonathan Bailey w Principal Kim Stewart, Superintendent Parker, and Assistant Superintendent Eric Terrell

The new assistant principal for Discovery Middle is Jonathan Bailey (2nd from left) of Muscle Shoals. He replaces Kimberly Stewart, who became principal when Eric Terrell moved up to assistant principal for Madison City Schools. Mr. Bailey taught and coached 10 years at a middle school in Sheffield and also at Tuscumbia at the high school level.
The MAAPs are shown in the group picture below with their principals and with Superintendent Robby Parker and Assistant Superintendent Eric Terrell.
Group photo of the assistant administrators with their principals, the superintendent and assistant superintendent

They are: Lisa Grice at Columbia Elementary (2nd from left next to Mr. Parker), then Savannah Demeester for Rainbow Elementary, then  Nathan Wilson at Mill Creek Elementary. Also Tom Runnion at Bob Jones (3rd from right next to BJHS Principal Sylvia Lambert). Ms. Grice, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Runnion will serve as a MAAP for their current school. Ms. Demeester is moving over from a teaching position at Columbia Elementary.