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Competition Chess Team

Hi Parents, 

Welcome to Chess Team 2017-2018. 
* Chess Team meets Wednesdays at school library starting Sep 13th from 2:45 to 3:45pm. Prompt pickup at 3:45is expected.


* All students on the chess team need to have an almost 100% attendance. We excel with practice. Team members are also expected to participate in all team tournaments (NATS, States, Nationals) and as many individual events as they can.


* Many kids have signed up for Summer Knights (Aug 26). This event take place before our chess meets begin. Please have your children practice on


* Thanks to our Principals, Mr.Hill and Mrs.Minor on being supportive of our competitive chess team.


* I will gladly try and answer any questions you have through out the chess year and will be present at the weekly meets.


Parent Sponsor,





Thank you for your interest in Competitive Chess Team!

Our Goal : Our primary goal with this team is to provide a quiet atmosphere under watchful eyes of chess coaches to further a student's understanding of his or her chess skills through lessons and practice, both on chesskids and with other students. We expect the members of this club to participate in most of the school approved tournaments.

Code of conduct-
1. Trustworthiness
2. Loyalty
3. Sportsmanship

After school in library from 2:45 - 3:45pm, each Wednesday starting in September through April. Member parents will receive email notification in case we are not able to meet on a Wednesday.

1. Pickup policy- Students need to be promptly picked up at 3:45; after 2 warnings he/she looses membership.
2. Discipline policy - a warning, email to parent. If unruly behavior persists that will lead to removal from the team without refund of any kind.

1. Active USCF membership.

2. Active MCCL Family membership.

3. Active ACF membership. 

4. Every member should have the green team shirt. Shirt from last year is acceptable.

5. Participation in at least three (3) local tournaments, including Winter Knights (CES), NATS (RES), and           State (BJHS).

6. Parent(s) contribute a total of six (6) volunteer hours per year during Winter Knights or other chess event.   

Host school-
Columbia is very proud to host Winter Knights Tournament this year in early January! We cannot do this without the help of our awesome chess parents. We hope you will be there in some capacity to carry out this task successfully. Volunteerism creates a positive impact on your students mind.

The following are opportunities for playing chess in Madison. Please take advantage of these.

Play chess for free on Monday nights:

Private chess Instructors available:

Weekly GIRLS chess meets in town:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Teacher Sponsor,

Winona Wilson