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Columbia X-Rings Archery Club

Mission Statement

The purpose of this club is to allow members the opportunity to shoot at the provided range for recreation, and to allow its members to compete in club tournaments, and other competitions.



To educate its members on how to shoot a bow and arrow in a safe environment.


When: Monday’s after school 2:50-4:00 (October 10- Nov 21 )

Where: Columbia Elementary Gymnasium

Who: Any Columbia Elementary 4th-6th grader

Cost: $20 (includes Club t-shirt)



Participant Pledge


The student must assume responsibility for the following safe practices, and we, therefore, ask the student subscribe to the following archery pledge.


1.    I promise to follow all safety rules set forth by the archery club.

2.    I promise to inspect my arrows before each shot.

3.    I will conduct myself in a fashion so as to carefully avoid causing injury to others or myself while participating in a shoot or any Archery Club activities.

4.    I will show respect for the range, other shooters in my group and any other participants in Club activities.

5.    I will read, understand and follow all rules and standards of conduct related to shooting or participation in the Club.