Lego Robotics

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Lego Robotics

    This year at Columbia, students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade were selected to be on one of the two Columbia Lego Robotics teams.  The season officially starts in Early August and culminates with area and state tournaments in mid-November through the end of January. Teams are made up of 7-8 students, and meet at least once a week after school. *Due to the time needed to prepare for the competition, teams are formed during May of the previous school year. Interested students will apply for a spot through an application process that is communicated via email.  Team members are selected by a committee coordinated by the Mrs. Mayfield and Mrs. Vonderheide. 

     Teams will program an autonomous robot to perform various tasks on a playing field/board.  Along with the design and functions of the robot, students must develop a project to solve a real-world problem. For this coming season the problem/topic is called Hydro Dynamics.  The description of the problem will be released on August 1st, 2017!   Project presentations, a teamwork challenge and three exciting robot runs make for a very challenging and rewarding tournament experience! 


Meetings will be TBD with a weekday/after-school meeting and additional meetings called by the coaches as needed.

 Lego Robotics is a very time-intensive activity and relies heavily on each parent being involved in some aspect of the competition. The number of teams at Columbia is based on volunteers and funding.  We are excited for this program to grow, as students become more familiar and interested with FIRST Lego Robotics.  We currently have two teams for the 2017-18 school year.  Go, Astros!